Spring 2020 Challenges

Academics have changed enormously in the past few weeks. All ages of learners are home, adjusting to the challenges of online and independent learning.​ One of the biggest challenges is figuring out a daily plan to complete your work without the structure of a teacher/professor monitoring your days. This is a great opportunity to develop some executive function skills!

I have an M.A. in Education-Instructional Technology which focuses on online learning. Although some students have had a limited experience with it, most have not. I can offer students guidance in how to set up weekly structure to learn material, complete assignments, test preparation, and submitting work to get the best grade possible in this odd end to a semester! All meetings will be by Google Hangouts or Zoom until further notice.

 In contrast to most executive function coaching providers, I work with my students on a 1-1 basis. We do not do "study hall" sessions with a group, and I (not another coach/tutor) work solely with my student. The student develops an individualized system with me based on how they work best, learning new skills to implement now and in their future schooling, careers, and daily life.

Call or email me to see if I am able work with you in this situation, set up a plan, strategies, and goals to head toward a positive result! Contact me to schedule a time.

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