FALL 2021







Fall 2021 will be a return to mostly classes as usual. Many universities and high schools are beginning with both in-person and online courses. Most activities on campus will resume, dining halls open, gatherings allowed. However, most of this is contingent on the students being vaccinated. Things could change again and this will draw on coping skills. Getting set up and prepared for the future is a critical executive function/life skill.It requires the ability to plan, organize, and look at the big picture--these are all Executive Function skills AND this is critical opportunity to practice and really learn them.


 I will be able to meet with fully vaccinated clients in person and others on Zoom. Zoom is an option for all clients if that's more convenient. I and my entire family are fully vaccinated.

 In contrast to most executive function coaching providers, I work with my students on a 1-1 basis. We do not do "study hall" sessions with a group, and I (not another coach/tutor) work solely with my student. The student develops an individualized system with me based on how they work best, learning new skills to implement now and in their future schooling, careers, and daily life.

Call or email me to see if I am able work with you in this situation, set up a plan, strategies, and goals to head toward a positive result! Contact me to schedule a time.