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As a dyslexia therapist in Boulder, I highly recommend BolderEd Strategies for anyone seeking support for students who struggle with executive functioning.  Cathy's understanding of what it takes to "get stuff done"  is exceptional.  Not only does she understand what skills her students need to master, she expertly teaches those same skills.  Most importantly, Cathy values getting to know her students and working with them to create systems that will work for them!   She truly understands that every student is unique and what may work for one may not resonate for another.  Her extensive years of experience with the Boulder Valley Schools (both public and private) and CU really set Cathy apart.   She will save parents and students hours on-line trying to get their questions answered.  For out-of-state parents who are trying to help their college student navigate CU, she is a lifesaver!   Most importantly Cathy is compassionate and respectful.  She understands that struggling with executive functioning has nothing to do with intelligence or motivation but rather is a skill set that  comes more easily to some than to others.  She delights in helping students gain these skills!


Mimi Ward, Boulder Dyslexia Therapy


Great, amazing teacher for my son.

She have taught English for him for more than 2 years. My son is enjoying the tutoring since she gives a lot of interesting materials.

I appreciate her dedication to the education. 

My son 's English proficiency improved dramatically.




Daijiro Kasa, middle school student parent



Cathy and I have volunteered together at Boulder High School for several years, helping college-bound students understand and seek out financial aid and scholarships. I've seen first-hand how effortlessly Cathy connects with students and meets them “where they are” when helping them devise strategies to prioritize, simplify, and take control of the college financing process.

Her academic background in education, goal setting, prioritization, and action planning is immensely helpful when it comes to creating order out of the unknown! She works with students (and their parents) to create an organized, step-based, individualized plan of action that gives them the confidence and knowledge that they can reach their goals.

In addition, Cathy’s practical experience from raising 3 children augments her formal education and career success, resulting in a diverse and well-honed personal toolbox of skills and strategies that benefits a wide variety of students and families.

Vickie Moore, Boulder, CO


Thank you, Cathy.  We are so pleased that your help saved Alex’s semester.  He ended up with 3 A’s and 4 B’s, a 3.7 GPA for the semester.


Michelle P., high school student parent

May, 2018


Catherine has successfully helped my son navigate through 3 semesters of college and counting. At a difficult juncture in his education, he became discouraged and apathetic about obtaining a degree. Enter BolderED Strategies. After a few short months of regular meetings, things began to look up for my son lifting a huge weight off of our shoulders. Graduation with a B.A. (and a minor) is our light at the end of the tunnel, and we see it clearly now! We can’t thank Catherine enough for getting US ALL through this trying yet gratifying time in the life of our special needs son.

Fran W, parent of university student (senior year)

May, 2019