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August 2020

This summer, I took some time off and took a few Coursera classes online. The two classes are taught by professors from Tel Aviv University and cover the history of the Holocaust from the Jewish perspective. I also reread "The Diary of a Young Girl-Anne Frank" for a more intense perspective of a lockdown--being confined in one place and hiding from the Nazis. Reading this as an adult was enlightening; the day to day life of the families together in close quarters was often dull, fraught with interpersonal conflict, and great worries about their futures. I would recommend the classes and rereading (or reading) Anne Frank's diary--it helps put things into perspective!

June 2019

I've just completed one of the most popular MOOCs (Massive Open Online Course) offered through Coursera. The course is titled "Learning How to Learn: Powerful Mental Tools to Help You Master Tough Subjects." They illustrate how the brain's different learning modes and chunks information. 


As an executive function coach/tutor, I've gained more tools through this class to help students use their best learning methods, remember/recall, defeat procrastination, and learning to master subjects that can be difficult for some students. 

March 2019

In February I attend the Beyond Giftedness conference for the first time. The Colorado Department of Education/Gifted and Talented Ed, hosted a day-long conference for education professionals and parents. Presenters came from all over the country to share their expertise in their specialties in giftedness and gifted education. 


I attended the breakout sessions of “Gender and Genius,” “Overcoming Executive Function Challenges,” “The Twice-Exceptional Child,” “Anxiety of the Gifted Body, Mind, and Behavior,” and “Giftedness and Mental Health.”  As an executive function coach and tutor, one of my primary goals is to teach students how to reduce stress and anxiety in their academic and personal lives.  Developing habits to create resilience and self-autonomy is key!


I’ve attached a link to the conference website if you are interested in seeing a list of all the speakers, and would like to research their specific areas that relate to you or your student.

August 2018

I hope everyone has had a restful and fun summer. Though the weather makes it feel like it's still summer, we are all transitioning back into various academic schedules. It takes a while to get up to normal speed!

In the spring and summer, I completed 24 hours of Continuing Ed credits in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy courses. CBT is exciting because the coach and student work collaboratively to create a system students can use and modify through their academic and personal lives.

I look forward to this semester and helping students create a strong year!

March 22, 2018


Today I was invited to meet with Sacred Heart of Jesus (Boulder) 7th graders in their science class to discuss Executive Function Skills. We talked about how their brains develop these skills through childhood to adulthood, how to strengthen them in small steps, and studying tips they can start using today. The students had lots of great questions and are a terrific, respectful group of middle schoolers! As a parent who had children at SHJ for 17 years, I am always impressed by the students of all ages here. Thanks to the school for having me speak there!

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