Start 2018 Strong!!


Catherine Clark, Executive Function Coach and Tutor


Start 2018 Strong!


BolderEd Strategies is a coaching and tutoring business specializing in Executive Function skills for students post-high school, undergraduate and graduate college students,  and adults who want to further  develop their EF skills. Executive function coaching helps individuals develop your brain's frontal lobe, the control center critical for getting things done. Skills for effective learning include:
-organizing homework/work
-study/learning strategies
-overcoming procrastination
-time management
-prioritizing work/life
-goal setting
-sustained attention
Catherine works with clients to create a system to help them organize schoolwork, life and career goals and develop habits that will serve in all aspects of their lives. Creating individualized organizational strategies helps to move forward in life, both academically and personally. Meetings can be in person or through Zoom once or twice weekly. 



  Catherine has over 20 years experience in education. She received her B.S. from Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management, Secondary Education Credential from San Francisco State University, and M.A., Ed.: Instructional Technology (emphasis on online learning)  from San Jose State University. She also has 24 CE credits in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy coursework from the Beck Institute for Cognitive Therapy, including CBT for Anxiety. She recently completed the University of Pennsylvania course, "Positive Psychology" taught by Dr. Martin Seligman.


 As a teacher in the San Mateo, CA Union HS District, she worked with at-risk, mainstream and advanced students who had a wide range of learning abilities in the Independent Study/Alternative Program. This innovative program guided students toward graduation, GEDs, and college placement.


As an Assistant Director of Sylvan Learning Center in San Mateo, CA, Catherine worked with middle and high school students remediating reading and math deficiencies for students to succeed in high school and beyond. 

Catherine trained as a Great Books instructor, teaching and leading the program at Sacred Heart of Jesus, Boulder, for several years. She was a volunteer at Boulder High School's Counseling Department for 9 years guiding students and parents seeking scholarships for college and post-high school training.


She currently works with high school, college students, and adults on developing Executive Function and writing skills. 

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Member of IndieEd since 2016, a cooperative of independent Boulder educators. See for lots of resources and articles!

Catherine is NOT a psychological therapist--She's a veteran EF educator with a M.ED in Instructional Technology/Design.

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Meetings are scheduled during weekdays online. I schedule meetings online through Zoom. Meetings are held during the day. Once or twice weekly meetings, with a semester or academic year commitment,  will help meet the challenges of online/hybrid classes at all level. I consult with parents and students frequently to provide and receive updates on current concerns and academic work .
Contact me to set up a 30 minute informational meeting on Zoom or by phone to discuss my program for your student.

I look forward to talking with you!

Catherine Clark

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