One-to-One Coaching

Getting Started:

First, I like to talk with or meet with parents and the student. This is a brief meeting or interview to see what the academic goals and objectives are for the student and if we are a good fit for his/her needs. Why does the student want an executive function coach? Some things we'll address are: 

- better study strategies

- reducing procrastination

- managing time, using calendars

- increasing homework completion

- promoting self-care and self-advocacy

**Our first 1-2 sessions will be assessing the student's needs, reviewing the semester's schedule of classes and syllabi to map out their academic plan.

  Regular Session Agendas (Mondays/Wednesdays or Tuesday/Thursdays): 

  1. Check in with the student to see what's on their mind and recent events. Check grades and status of homework.

  2. Look over the past week to see what tasks the student accomplished, what worked for them, how we can work together to modify things that got in the way of completion.

  3. Review assignments with the coach to set up the most important tasks we want to tackle in this meeting. Tests? Projects? Scheduling multiple homework?

  4. Depending on the priority of the week, we will look at those assignments using executive function skills (listed above) and tools as a framework to completion. 

  5. At the end of the meeting, the coach and student determine the Action Plan for the week. I will check in with the student via email or text to see how the plan is working.

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