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Recommended Summer Reading #1: Failure to Launch by Mark McConville, Ph.D.

For the parents of those young adults (college-age--20s) who are struggling to grow up.


Practical Tips/No Judgments

This book offers many practical tips to parents on facilitating their child's transition from the teen years to adulthood.

Simply turning 18 does not mean your child has the knowledge to navigate adult life completely. Many have had no experience slowly taking on adult daily tasks and it can seem overwhelming to them. Tasks like making appointments, speaking to people on the phone, returning items, asking for what you want in work/shopping/medical situations can be totally foreign.

Entering college is its own obstacle course in many ways, and students can get lost along the way. Sometimes as parents we don't understand and end up asking in an exasperated way: "why don't you just do (fill in the blank)?"

This is a quick read and may offer some insights to parents!

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