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Crunch Time!

Crunch Time! Get a Jump on Finals!

The semester’s end is quickly approaching. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with a seemingly endless load of projects, papers, and assignments all of which seem to be due right before final exams.

There is a way to get your weekly work done AND begin preparing for finals week simultaneously! Take a few deep breaths and relax.

First things first:

  • Create a schedule that includes solid blocks of time to do your work (decrease extracurriculars as much as you can).

  • Attend every scheduled class through the end of the regular semester.

  • Turn in every assignment on time.

  • Check online for any missing assignments or grades that have NOT been entered (and you know you did the work). Check with your instructor if you have questions.

  • Make up any work that the teacher/professor says they will accept, reduced points or not. Every extra point helps and takes pressure off that final exam.

  • Note in class when your instructor says, “Something like THIS will be on your final”, or “This WILL be on your final.”

Preparing Early for Finals/Projects

Just get started! It’s not too early Pick one thing, begin with 15 minutes and keep increasing in 5 minute increments!

Do the following in steps (not all at once)….

  • Organize your notes.

  • Is there a study guide for your test or paper? Begin filling it out, do daily.

  • Concentrate on studying the things you either DON’T know or slightly know. A quick review of what you know can be done close to the finals day.

  • Ask your instructor or fellow students if there is something you still don’t understand.

  • Break down units of information into smaller chunks. Study one chunk at a time.

  • Outline what you want to put in your final paper/project

  • Keep an ongoing list of citations on your computer that you can use for your final version.

  • Make flashcards of important terms and concepts. Quiz yourself a little every day.

After Classes End. The Days Right Before Finals:

  • Go to any review sessions, office hours, tutoring centers.

  • Use a study group for extra support

  • Be healthy! Get good sleep, eat well, and exercise.

  • DO NOT STUDY THE DAY OF THE TEST. Finish studying the day before the test, and let your mind rest!!!

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